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      Dark forest
      Dark forest

      Official Pric:$29

      Size:192X112mm (±3mm , hand made)
      Materia:100% silk
      Descriptio:Your MAZZZK Eye Mask effectively blocks light, one of the biggest distractions preventing you from a deep and restful sleep. Every eye mask is made of real silk . This helps retain moisture and boosts the metabolism of your skin–keeping it smooth and youthful-looking. With a focus on health and environmental protection, we designed this product with natural materials for optimal comfort. The mask is made of real silk. A better, more healthy world starts with you!
      Product details


            - your new best friend

      As your new best friend, this MAZZZK will help soothe your senses and allow you to energize. You are unique and fashionable, and so is your MAZZZK. Take it with you wherever you go, and wake up to a brighter, sunnier world.

      Dark forest

      Dark forest

      HOW TO USE?

      These Lavender inserts and Cooling pads are made for use with your MAZZZK Eye Mask. Put the inserts or cooling pads into the mask when ready to use.

      Refrigerate for 40-60 minutes before placing them into the mask. For best results, store the in their bag when not in use. The cooing pads are recyclable.

      Dark forest


      When the sachets are not in use, please store them in a dry and well-ventilated place. Avoid humid conditions. Children should use only under adult supervision. This product is for external use only; if ingested accidentally, spit out what you can and drink a large quantity of water. If necessary, seek medical attention.

      Children should use under adult supervision only. Do not eat. if accidentally ingested, drink a large quantity of water, and seek medical advice if necessary. The cooling pads are for external use only. If the bag breaks and the liquid comes in contact with your skin, immediately rinse off with water. Please store the pads indoors and avoid exposure to the sun.

      Dark forest